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Omsk. The third capital. 300-year anniversary. / Омск. Третья столица. 300-летний юбилей.


Omsk is one of the largest cities of Russia, the administrative center of Omsk oblast, located at the confluence of the Irtysh and the Om rivers, in southwestern Siberia, 2,236 kilometers (1,389 mi) from Moscow. Omsk is multi-million-strong city (1 079 178 people in 2016), the second largest population in Siberia and eighth in Russia. A major transport hub: from West to East passes through the city railway TRANS-Siberian railway, with its construction, Omsk became known as "the Gate of Siberia". The navigable Irtysh River runs from South to North, is the longest tributary in the world (a tributary of the Ob River). The territory of Omsk were of great importance since ancient times. Here were settlements and burial grounds of many developed Nations that lived from the VI Millennium BC to the XIII century. In XVII century the need for the Russian city at the mouth of the Om was so great, that many people repeatedly asked the Tsar Peter I about its Foundation. Omsk was founded by I. D. Buchholz in 1716 as a fortress defending the southern border of the state. Omsk was the only city along with St. Petersburg and Moscow in Russia, to whom was granted the right to raise the state flag of the Russian Empire in Siberia and Asia. In the 19th century in Omsk exiled revolutionaries (the Decembrists) were serving sentences, including the famous Russian writer F.M. Dostoevsky. Omsk State University and a library was named in honour of Dostoevsky. The main development of the town received in the XX century. After the 1917 revolution, during the civil war and the confrontation between the White and Red movements, Omsk was the official capital of the Russian Empire (White Russia) under the leadership of Admiral Kolchak (1918 - 1920). The city has expanded considerably in the years of the Great Patriotic War (WW2) when many factories was evacuated from the European part of Russia, until the collapse of the Soviet Union was known as the "Garden City", "City of Youth", "City of Sciences". Omsk awarded the honorary title of "City of labor glory", is a major industrial center with enterprises of different industries, including Petro-chemical, defense and aerospace. Planet Omsk is in international catalog of minor planets. Omsk remained a major cultural and sports center of Siberia: active theatre and exhibition activities, major national and international festivals, the famous Siberian International Marathon, international hockey tournaments, national competitions in equestrian sports, etc. have been taking place here. Cathedral of the Assumption is the hallmark of the city of Omsk. In 2016 Omsk celebrated its tercentenary.

An Englishman in Omsk (Англичанин в Омске)


I plan to visit every single oblast, krai and republic in Russia before I leave. This is number 15: The city of Omsk in Omsk Oblast Omsk is the capital of Omsk Oblast and is the second largest city in Russia east of the Ural Mountains. As a stop on the Trans-Siberian it is an essential transport hub for Siberia. Omsk was founded in 1716 as a fortress on the Imperial Russia's expanding southern frontier and by the 1850s it became the capital of Western Siberia. Today Omsk has over 1 million people and is the 8th biggest city in Russia. IG: 🤍jonnytickle Contact: jonathanrtickle🤍

OMSK: Where Siberia could have become independent!


MOSCOW MAP: 🤍 Omsk is one of the largest cities in Siberia and it could have been the start of the formation of Siberian Republic. However it was not, the bolsheviks regained control over Russia and Omsk became a part of the Soviet Union. CREDIT TO: Виктор Виктор 🤍 for letting me use his shots of Omsk SUPPORT THE CHANNEL My videos take up to and over 40 hours to produce each and require editing tools and stock footage. Please help me cover the costs with any of the options below: PATREON: 🤍 I proudly support the future of money and accept donations BTC 1KQpMBgmbw4ymeYkgvNYDFqPko9rCU22GE ETH 0x17832E0930c8726E8e396bfaD00d15fb6F0319BA BCH qzc780fdmgacjr8nzzt4wyekrrh4yf8gt5apesm33q TETHER 0x17832E0930c8726E8e396bfaD00d15fb6F0319BA Paypal sinelnikovsarturs🤍 SIMILAR VIDEOS RUSSIA Arkhangelsk is Arkhangelsk :) 🤍 Norilsk - The most polluted city in Russia 🤍 Murmansk Capital of the Arctic 🤍 0:00 Introduction to Omsk 0:44 Omsk fortress and the early city 1:20 Siberian Revolution 4:35 The Great Patriotic War (WW2) 5:17 Oil Boom 5:50 Soviet Union - Collapse 6:19 Cathedral Square 7:10 Conclusion 7:40 GUESS THE LOCATION script intro Omsk is not a city that inspires love at first sight. But it is Siberia’s second-largest after Novosibirsk, and if you ask someone east of the Urals which city is the most Siberian of all the answer may very well be Omsk. While Irkutsk (because of Lake Baikal) and Novosibirsk (due to its size) usually get all the attention, Omsk has grown organically to become a significant metropolis. It is about 450 km (280 mi) north of Kazakhstan's capital Nur-Sultan, 600 km (370 mi) west of Novosibirsk and 2236km away from Moscow. So what are the origins of this city, what important role did it play in the formation of modern Russia and what drives it today?

Russia Omsk by Drone Footage


Russia Omsk by Drone Footage Omsk is a city on the Irtysh River in the vast Russian region of Siberia. The central Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts, in 2 pastel-colored buildings, displays Fabergé creations, Russian paintings, and porcelain. Nearby, the ornate facade of Omsk Drama Theater is topped with a winged sculpture. St. Nicholas Cossack Cathedral, dating from the 1840s, and the gold-domed Assumption Cathedral are holy landmarks.

RUSSLANDTAGEBUCH Nr.4 : Ausflug nach Omsk - KRANK


Liebes Tagebuch, Heute bin ich immer noch krank, aber meine Mama muss nach Omsk, also komme ich mit. Kopfschmerzen und russische Straßen sind nicht sehr gut kombinierbar... Naja Erstmal gegessen und mein dunkles GEHEIMNIS offenbart (über die Verletzung in meinem Gesicht) Dann wurde ich im Bus ganz böse angeschaut. Konnte mich aber zusammenreißen nicht zu weinen :) Bin stolz auf mich! Russische Straßen, Bahnhof, Gerüche, auf den Bus warten.. alles wie immer halt. Sehr motivierter und spannender Ausflug - NICHT Liiiiiiiiebe Danke für deine Beats Sascha! 🤍 🤍

Omsk: Rural Tram And Shortest Metro In The World!


A small public transit system review of Omsk, the second-largest city in Siberia. We've reviewed Omsk metro (as far as it was possible) and paid attention to the beautiful tram of Omsk, consisting of KTM-5 and KTM-8 units cruising through urban and rustic streets of Siberia. 00:00 - Omsk. the second largest city in Siberia 00:27 - The metro of Omsk 02:00 - The tram of Omsk: rolling stock 04:12 - Riding the tram of Omsk 04:25 - Aerial views of the tram of Omsk 05:44 - Problems of the tram of Omsk Support me: 🤍 or 🤍 Voiceover: 🤍kulichiq Music: r.roo - glade where secrets blossom flowers Гражданская оборона — Долгая счастливая жизнь

Omsk, západní Sibiř, Rusko, "Kolem světa, 64. díl", "Transsibiřská magistrála 14. epizoda"


V 14. epizodě série "Transsibiřská magistrála" si projdeme město Omsk, město na západní Sibiři, v Rusku. Omsk (Омск), Omská oblast Omsk je 2. největší město na Sibiři. Omsk leží na západní Sibiři, v Rusku. Západní Sibiř je oblast, která se nachází mezi pohořím Ural na západě a kanálem Jenisej na východě. Městem Omsk prochází Transsibiřská magistrála. Přijedu na nádraží OMSK-PASSAŽIRSKIJ (Омск-Пассажирский). Moderní budova stanice byla postavena v roce 1958. Projdu nemnohé pamětihodnosti města Omsk: Divadelní náměstí (Театральная площадь) Řeka Om (Омь) Komsomolský most (Комсомольский мост) Ulice Lenina Památník hasičům (Памятник пожарным), ушедшим на фронт из частей Омского гарнизона Uspěnský chrám (Uspenský chrám, Katedrála Nanebevzetí Panny Marie, Успенский собор). Původní chrám zdemolován bolševiky roku 1935. Roku 2007 postaven nový. Fontána na náměstí vítezství (Площадь победы) Hotel Rusko (Гостиница Россия) V této budově, bývalém hotelu Rusko, v letech 1919 -1920 žil a pracoval známý český spisovatel Jaroslav Hašek. Naproti hotelu Rusko stojí hezká Serafíno-Alexejevskaja kaple (Серафимо-Алексеевская часовня). Jubilejní most (Юбилейный мост) Centrální pláž (Пляж Куйбышевского Района) Další den, bohužel, prší, proto nic nedělám a večer odjíždím vlakem do města Novosibirsk.

2. Otitis Media Supuratif Kronik (OMSK) : Patogenesis, Klasifikasi, Tatalaksana dll.


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Omsk | The Great Trial (The Sacred War music)


Oh yeah... IT'S YAZOV TIME

Omsk Most Beautiful City in Russian Siberia


Omsk center, a look at the architecture and amazing parks

Russian cities | SIBERIA OMSK | Travel to Russia


Russian cities are happy to welcome tourists. This time Omsk (Siberia) welcomes you ;) Do you want to visit Russia? Travel to Russia? Enjoy my trip to Omsk, Siberia with me :) We spent several days in Siberia, and it was absolutely amazing! Russian cuisine, Russian dance, Russian nature – you'll see everything in this traveling vlog ;) Inside the video: 00:10 – My favorite building in Omsk 03:12 – Russian kids boxing :D 04:44 – Shashlik 05:32 – Russian bathhouse (banya) 06:19 – I'm singing Russian chanson 07:15 – Revolutionary monuments in Omsk 08:06 – SNOOOOOOOW❤️❤️❤️ 08:38 – Russian nature 10:20 – How to make Russian dumplings (masterclass from my Mom :D) 12:25 – My adventures in Russian train 14:48 – Museum of Dostoevsky in Omsk 17:20 – Russian dance 20:26 – Omsk downtown (SUBWAY sandwich there :D) 21:38 – Black dumplings😱 Follow me on Instagram – 🤍 🏆Support the Real Russian Club🏆: Patreon – 🤍 PayPal – 🤍 #realrussianclub #visitrussia #siberia #russiatoday #russianlife



How to get Russia visa - 🤍 SUBSCRIBE - 🤍 (‘MountainTrekker’) Previous video - 🤍 How is a Siberian town or city? In this video, you will get a glimpse of Omsk, a city in Siberia, Russia. Also, you will come to know how the people of Russia are! Despite language barrier how a tourist like me can travel to unknown and non-touristy places in Russia. If you have any other query feel free to ask at - 🤍 (It may not be possible for me to answer each and every query here, but other group members, travellers, and travel experts can help you) Other travel series - # THAILAND playlist - 🤍 # EUROPE Playlist - 🤍 # BANGLADESH playlist - 🤍 # SPITI (India) playlist - 🤍 # MALAYSIA playlist - 🤍 # RUSSIA playlist - 🤍 PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEOS AND LET OTHERS GET INFORMED ABOUT THIS CHANNEL My blog: 🤍

"OMSK" Top 50 Tourist Places | Omsk Tourism | RUSSIA


Omsk (Things to do - Places to Visit) - OMSK Top Tourist Places City in Russia Omsk is a city on the Irtysh River in the vast Russian region of Siberia. The central Vrubel Museum of Fine Arts, in 2 pastel-colored buildings, displays Fabergé creations, Russian paintings, and porcelain. Nearby, the ornate facade of Omsk Drama Theater is topped with a winged sculpture. St. Nicholas Cossack Cathedral, dating from the 1840s, and the gold-domed Assumption Cathedral are holy landmarks. "OMSK" Top 50 Tourist Places | Omsk Tourism Things to do in OMSK - Places to Visit in Omsk Follow us on Twitter 🤍 For Top Tourist Places, Videos Subscribe us on Youtube 🤍 Follow us on Facebook 🤍 OMSK Top 50 Tourist Places - Omsk, Russia

Russland 🇷🇺 Faszination Sibirien 🛶 Ein verrücktes Erlebnis ⛰


Seit gegrüßt! Omsk gehört zu den zehn größten Städten Russlands. Es befindet sich in Sibirien, an der Stelle des Zusammenflusses der Flüsse Irtysch und Om, von dem der Name der Stadt abgeleitet ist. Sibirien sprengt Dimensionen. Sowohl in den landschaftlichen Ausmaßen und Extremen wie in seiner spannenden Geschichte . Sa sdarówje! – und auf nach Sibirien! Jeder Betrag hilft uns! Tausend Dank dafür! Besucht, abonniert und empfehlt uns. ►►► 🎥YouTube: 🤍 ►►► 🎥Instagram: 🤍 = Ein Film von Stas Sorin = Jeder Betrag hilft uns! Tausend Dank dafür! Unterstützt uns über PayPal:🤍 #omsk #sibirien #spannend #russia 🇷🇺🤝🇩🇪

OMSK and the Saviors of Russia | The New Order (HOI4)


Today I play as OMSK in The New Order mod for Hearts of Iron 4. We'll be uniting a shattered Russia and having some "fun" along the way. Discord: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Check out the mod here: 🤍

Гимн Сибирской Чёрной Лиги (Омск) Anthem of the Siberian Black League (Omsk) (The New Order)


I notice that the original uploader of this song (OmskOmsk) channel has been deleted by YouTube and I save some of his videos decided to reupload it on YouTube. (if OmskOmsk wanted me to take this down please message me in comment sections) Discord: Yuri1962#3637 Server: 🤍

Omsk, The once was Russian capital


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[HOI4] OMSK Timelapse (+The Great Trial)


A timelapse of a TNO Omsk Game (The Great Trial included) - Mod list: The New Order: Last days of Europe TNO Reskins TNO - The Second West Russian War The New Order: Last Waltz of Europe State Transfer Tool - Music used: Sacred war (Powerful version) 🤍 THE GREAT TRIAL AWAITS 🤍 The New Order: Last Waltz of Europe Spetsnaz 🤍 The New Order: Last Waltz of Europe Diminishment 🤍 Machinimasound - Sunlight 🤍 Machinimasound - Endgame 🤍 Прощание славянки - 🤍 Прощание славянки в исполнении Даши Житковой День Победы - 🤍 timestamps: 02:27 - Russian Reunification Begins 15:21 - Russia Unified 17:41 - Russo - Finnish war 18:04 - The Great Trial Preparations 18:49 - THE GREAT TRIAL 23:49 - Full Russian Victory / Final claims 25:34 - Finale

Anthem of the Russian National Reclamation Government (OMSK) - HoI4 "TNO"


-FICTIONAL CONTENT- The Anthem of Yazov in "Hearts of Iron IV - The New Order" for the Russian National Reclamation Government. Song: Sacred War #tno #tnosacredwar #tnoyazov #yazovanthem OMSK GANG

Autostopem na Kołymę - Omsk (odc. 9)


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Winterzwemmen bij -20˚C in Omsk, Siberië


Instructeur winterzwemmen Ewout Staartjes, gaat hier ijszwemmen bij -20˚C bij de Walrusclub in Omsk, Siberië. Ewout is in Omsk gecertificeerd instructeur 'jezelf harden met koude baden en winterzwemmen'. In Nederland geeft Ewout bij Studio Dynamica in Deventer een 2 daagse cursus winterzwemmen voor iedereen die alles wil weten over de werking van koude baden en veilig winterzwemmen. 🤍



Acompáñanos a descubrir OMSK una hermosa ciudad de Rusia y sus atracciones así como la Universidad de OMSU. #estudiarenrusia​​​​​ Link a nuestra pagina web: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

Simmer 2000 - Boerebûterfeart Nei Omsk


Dutch: 🤍 Boerebûterfeart Nei Omsk De Kast, Rients Gratama, Maaike Schuurman Wy ride mei de troika troch it wite winterwâld It friest in graad as tritich en it is ferrekte kâld De hynstehoeven knarse troch de droege farske snie 't Is yn Siberië, dus wat oars as de Dokkumer Ie Ik reiz'gje mei ús omke Wassilev út Wolgograd Dêr't hy in winkeltsje mei wodka, tsiis en bûter hat Us omke is in slimme sakeman nei myn idee In troika fol mei boerebûter fan de E.E.G. Dy bûter, seit ús omke, is yn't Westen fierste djoer Dus fret men margarine en de bûter dy bliuwt oer Dêr hat men dus yn Brussel dizze oplossing op fûn: Wy Russen krij dy bûter foar in dûbeltsje 't healpûn Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, ja it is in grutte griis Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, och se binne lang net wiis Wy binn' op reis nei Omsk en omke hat in fleurich sin Hy sjongt fan Hop hop hynke en Hou er de moed maar in Mar ûnderwilens wurdt it roerich op 'e eftergrûn En heart men moartsjen en mâlgûlen troch de winterjûn It is in keppel wolven en se komme tichterby Us omke set in liet yn fan Hup sûpengrottenbrij Dan sjonge wy de Wâldsang en ek noch it Heitelân Mar dêrmei hâlde wy de tastân lang net yn 'e hân It Dokkumer lokaaltsje, Skûtsjesilen is ús nocht En wylst de earste wolf in raam nei omke's skonken docht Sjong ik fan Rôlje rôlje en ik jou de wolf in hoart 't Is skande, seit ús omke, mar de bûter moat oerboard Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, ja it is in grutte griis Griene tsiis, bûter, brea, leaver alles kwyt as dea Dêr ploft it earste skoand're doaske bûter op 'e grûn De wolven fret'as wolven want de wolven binne sûn Sa binne wy foarlopich oan in wisse dea ûntkaam Wol no ris brûzj'en siede en It feintsje fan Menaam De hynders drave pittich, mar wy binn' noch net yn Omsk It swit dat stiet ús op 'e rech en dochs binne wy klomsk En wylst it tsiende doaske bûter foar de wolven ploft Elts mei graach ris fiskje en De tiid dy hâldt gjin skoft De bûter rekket op mar omke ropt: ha mar gjin noed Wy ha noch wol in doaze Pastachoca bearegoed De wolven frette alles, mar se jouwe har net del Dêr giet de lêste Braderije en de Halvamel Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, God wat wurdt ús omke griis Griene tsiis, bûter, brea, mem ik wol noch lang net dea Dan binne wy yn Omsk en omke stekt de fûst omheech Wy binne rêden, ropt er, ek al is de troika leech Iksels bin fan myn sûp en stut, fan't hynder en oerstjoer Mar okme Wassilev fersûpt syn allerlêste stoer Hy sit de hiele nacht mei al syn maten yn't kafe Se sjonge Bonke bonkefeart en Henkie Kroes olé Us omke wurdt op't lêst fansels sa dronken as in mûs Nei dizze wer in frisse, der is bûter by de rûs Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, noch in kear en altyd priis Griene tsiis, bûter, brea, bûten, Kobus giet nei Appelskea Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, bûten friest it hynsteiis Griene tsiis, bûter, brea, mei de boerefaam yn't hea En no dus de moraal, want dy moat dit ferhaal dochs ha: Us bûter is te djoer foar d'absolute minima En wylst de heale wrâld noch altyd op in houtsje fret Binn' yn Siberië alle wolven as in baarch sa fet Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, beppe hat har rydbewiis Griene tsiis, bûter, brea, hagelslach en wetterskea Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, mem har panty yn 'e tiis Griene tsiis, bûter, brea, supertrio Wolvegea Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, poeiermolke en anys Griene tsiis, bûter, brea, protters boppe Jobbegea Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, 'k seach ús omke Sybren niis Griene tsiis, bûter, brea, sels mei gryp ûnder de lea Bûter, brea, griene tsiis, en wa't noch mear wit krijt in priis

What is PS4 IDU Mode/OMSK? (Overview/Guide)


In this video I explore IDU mode and OMSK in light of recent unreleased developments in the PS4 scene that are seemingly related to this mode. Links: Jose Gonzalez Channel: 🤍 Lance McDonald Twitter: 🤍 Download Links: PS4 IDU ISO: 🤍 Scroll to the bottom of the page to find other IDU Update Disc ISO's. Pkg Editor: 🤍 Find my content on these other platforms: Odysee: 🤍 LBRY: 🤍 BitChute: 🤍

Que ver y hacer en Omsk City , Siberia Russia.


¡Bienvenidos a otra parada de nuestra Ruta Transiberiana! Esta vez visitando la pequeña pero atractiva ciudad de Omsk. Suscríbete al canal, no olvides tocar la campanita para que te mantengas al tanto de todo el material que estaremos publicando. Enlace del canal para Subscribirse: 🤍 Enlace de otro video de Russia : 🤍 #Omsk #Rutatransiberiana #Transiberiano #Russia #Siberia

Omsk, vivre au présent et au passé / Омск - жить сегодня и в прошлом [SUBRUS]


Le Courrier de Russie s'est rendu à Omsk en Sibérie. Reportage vidéo sur la ville, ses gens et son "secteur privé", les quartiers d’Omsk composés de maisons individuelles en bois. На французском с русскими субтитрами. Réalisation : Vad Him 🤍

TNO: The Great Trial


This is fictional content on the alternate universe of The New Order: Last Days of Europe. Context: Europe is on fire, Germany begins "Fall Rot", but will the Wehrmacht be able to break through the defensive lines of the Black League? Apparently, this campaign does not seem to the German generals more complicated than the Swiss one. But they do not know that for the Omsk military command, this war is the Great Trial, a war in which the lamps are going out all over Eurasia. *All enemy symbols has been censored by Black League specialists. Music: 0:00 - The Sacred War (Детский сводный хор- Вставай Страна Огромная) 0:20 - Alexander Nevsky, Op. 78: V. The Battle on the Ice 4:30 - Victory Day /День Победы 4:45 - mix from Sacred War at the beginning and instrumental version 5:30 - Mozart - Lacrimosa

The New Order: The Black League and the Great Trial


"The lamps are going out all over Eurasia, and we shall not see them lit again in our lifetime" Programs used: Photomosh Premiere Pro Songs: Alexander Nevsky, op. 78: 5. the battle on ice The Sacred War I do not support any of the ideologies presented here. they are ridiculous and very ignorant of a lot of things. If you somehow think that the mod itself promotes Nazism or some other political agenda, it's either you haven't played it or you're an unironic Nazi/Fascist/Tankie/Neo-Pagan/whatever LARPer. -

Miasto z jedną stacją metra - Omsk


W Omsku na Syberii podjęto decyzję o zakopaniu lub zalaniu tuneli metra, które budowano od 1993 roku. Po prawie trzech dekadach inwestycji powstał jeden most i jedno przejście podziemne. Mój Patronite - 🤍 Moje książki na - 🤍 Mój Facebook - Instagram - 🤍tenstrzyzewski Zdjęcie w tle i na zajawce - upisfree/Creative Commons

Alekseyevka Moskalenskiy rayon, Omsk Region, Russia; Алексеевка Москаленский район


Alekseyevka Moskalenskiy rayon, Omsk Region, Russia Алексеевка Москаленский район Dieses Dorf ist mein Geburtsort. Es gibt einige Menschen die es freut, dieses Video anzusehen und in alten Erinnerungen zu schwelgen. Deswegen auf die schnelle ein Video ohne Ton oder sonstigen Informationen. Ich wünsche euch viel Spaß. Es wird noch ein weiteres Video dazu geben. Aber da ich überall versuche etwas dazuzulernen: In den meisten Dörfern habe ich gelernt, mich nicht zu stressen, und mein Leben auch mal langsam zu genießen. Danke für die außergewöhnliche Gastfreundschaft! Hier noch der Link zum Buch: 🤍 und selbsterklärend: 🤍

Lost Places Russland: Darum ist die sibirische U-Bahn in Omsk heute ein verlassener Ort | Galileo


Im sibirischen Omsk sollte einst die modernste U-Bahn Russlands entstehen. Doch bei dem Projekt ging fast alles schief. 250 Millionen Euro wurden in den Sand gesetzt, heute ist der Ort nur noch ein Lost Place. "Galileo" hat sich diesen genauer angeschaut. #Russland #LostPlace #Galileo ► Die besten Videos von #Galileo: 🤍 ► Ganze Folgen von Galileo: 🤍 * ►Galileo auf YouTube abonnieren: 🤍 * ►Mehr auf Galileo: 🤍 ►Alle Videos findest du auf 🤍 Galileo ist die #ProSieben Wissenssendung mit Aiman Abdallah, Stefan Gödde und Funda Vanroy. Täglich um 19.05 Uhr kannst Du auf ProSieben die Welt kennen und verstehen lernen. Galileo nimmt Dich mit auf eine Reise durch das Wissen: Physik, Geschichte, Natur und Internetphänomene, Gesellschaft, Politik und alltägliche Fragen. Die Hosts Harro Füllgrabe, Jan Schwiderek, Jumbo Schreiner, Klas Bömecke, Matthias Fiedler, Akif Aydin und Dionne Wudu nehmen dabei vollen Körpereinsatz in Kauf und gehen allem auf den Grund, was uns interessiert. - Impressum: 🤍

Omsk gameplay vs lore


#Omsk # TNO #hoi4

Siberian Black League (Omsk) TNO mod theme


#tno The great trial awaits

The New Order - TNO | Just Omsk Edit


The Great Trial Above All. This is just an edit to Siberian Black League (Omsk). Contains 2 musics often used for that faction: Sergei Prokofiev - Battle On The Ice. Sacred War. This video is bazed on The New Order : Last Days of Europe. All rights such as music or sound effects belongs to their orginal owners.

Auf Identitätssuche in Omsk


Nach der Trennung ihrer Eltern wuchs Ksenia in Deutschland bei ihrer Mutter auf. Als junge Frau fragt sie sich nun: Wie viel Russland steckt eigentlich in mir? Unsere Filmemacherin begleitete Ksenia auf der Reise zu ihrem Vater, in ihre Geburtsstadt Omsk

The Final War (TNO: The Last Days of Europe FOST) (Omsk Theme)


I uploaded this to SoundCloud and Reddit a month ago, finally to YouTube now. I probably will get around to uploading the other tracks here as well

The Creator will destroy Russia! Punished for war! Omsk in a dust storm!


Weather disasters do not leave Russia! Siberia is shaking from fires, and now an anomaly has appeared in the form of a dust storm and a tornado! Apparently the Creator decided to deprive the country of its wealth and literally burn these lands. On the eve of the Ministry of Emergency Situations warned of a tornado and adverse weather conditions. It was reported that a real storm wind with gusts of up to 35 meters per second would come to the city. In the morning everything was calm, the clear sky did not portend any cataclysms, there was not even a real wind. But everything changed dramatically towards lunchtime. A strong wind picked up sharply. Its gusts raised small debris and dust, and a little later Omsk residents noticed that the dust no longer had time to settle. In one of the districts, a dust tornado formed! The city was covered with a real dust storm. The smell of dust is clearly felt in the air, many have noticed that it is impossible to keep the windows open in such weather, almost everything in the apartments is immediately covered with a layer of dust. And not surprisingly, it is almost impossible to see the houses on the horizon, they are covered with a light brown veil. In social networks, people share the first victims of the hurricane. Demolishes garbage cans on wheels, breaks metal fences, overturns fences. And on Berezovaya Street, a tall birch tree could not stand under the pressure of the wind. The tree broke off and blocked several lanes of traffic in one direction. Drivers have to detour in the opposite lane. It’s quite difficult to be outside now, some, trying to escape from inhaling dust, use medical masks, which they still carry with them due to the extension of the mask regime. Now they protect not only from the coronavirus, but also from the sand. But this is considered so only in the Russian regions. Wind-blown dust is not the only problem the population will face. The hurricane will bring cold weather and snow showers. Snow has already fallen in neighboring regions. People no longer know which gods to pray for everything to normalize. Some argue that everything that happens in the country is a punishment for the actions of the Russian military, who every day kill, rob and rape people, destroy everything in their path on the territory of a sovereign neighboring state.

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